Appolinary Miсhailovich Vasnetsov
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Academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1900)
Member of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1888).

In 1872 he graduated from the Vyatka religious school. He did not receive a formal artistic education. He studied under his older brother Viktor Vasnetsov and other famous russian painters such as Ilya Repin, Mark Antokolsky, Michail Andriolli and Vasily Maksimov.

From 1883, he and his brother lived and worked in Abramtsevo where he fell under the influence of Vasily Polenov. 
In addition to epic landscapes of Russian nature, Apollinary Vasnetsov created his own genre of historical landscape reconstruction on the basis of historical and archaeological data.

Since 1883 he participated in the the exhibitions of the creative Association of Traveling Art .

In 1901-1902 on his initiative an exhibition association of 36 artists was created.
In 1903, in conjunction with the St. Petersburg Association "World of Art" the group of 36 artists organized the Union of Russian Artists.

In 1906 he became a member of the Moscow Archaeological society.

In 1898-99 he traveled to France, Italy and Germany.

In 1918 he was the head of landscape class at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

In the beginning of 1920 Committee of Archeology (the predesseror of the Community of Saving of Art Monuments) invited Apollinary Vasnetsov to draw old places of Voronezh.

His  paintings can be found in the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Historical Museum (Moscow),  the State Russian Museum (St.Petersburg), the State Kirov Regional Art Museum of Vladimir  and Appolinary Vasnetsov and many major regional museums and private collections.


Appolinary Miсhailovich Vasnetsov <br/>(1856-1933)<div class=infogen>Leaving  Farm, 1930, 61,2x73, oil on canvas</div><div class=infopub>Published in: albums «Romantic Realism. The Art Prima Gallery Collection» (2015), page 51. <br/><span class='b-share' style='padding:1px 0px 1px 4px!important;'><a style='display:inline-block;' href='[title]=Appolinary Miсhailovich Vasnetsov %20-%20Покидая усадьбу&p[summary]=&p[url]=[images][0]=' target='_blank' onclick='return !, 'Facebook', 'width=640,height=300')' ><span class='b-share-icon b-share-icon_facebook'></span></a></span><span id=ya_share0></span></div>

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Leaving Farm,
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