Krylov, Porfiry
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People’s Artist of USSR (1958)
Member of the Academy of Arts of USSR
Member of the Board of the Academy of Arts of USSR (1947–1948)
One of the Kukryniksy team
• Lenin Prize
• State Prize of USSR (six times)
• Ilya Repin State Prize (Russian Federation) 
• Hero of  Socialist Labour (1972)

Porfiry Krylov began studying drawing and painting at a factory art studio, where his teacher was Grigori Shegal.

1928 – graduated from VHUTEMAS, where his teachers were Alexander Osmerkin, Alexander Shevchenko and Pyotr Konchalovsky.

Together with Mikhail Kupriyanov and Nikolai Sokolov (the Kukryniksy team) Krylov worked in political and social satire, made political posters, drew book illustrations as well as topical compositions. 
Porfiry Krylov participated in numerous art exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Paintings and drawings by Porfiry Krylov can be found in 
• Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
• Russian Museum (St. Petersburg)
• Porfiry Krylov Art Museum (Tula), 
• Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
• other museums and private collections abroad.  

Personal exhibitions:

The Kukryniksy held their individual exhibitions in Moscow (1932–1981), Marseille (1974), Sofia (1975), Tokyo (1978).

Krylov, Porfiry<br/>1902-1990<div class=infogen>Trees at Sknizhka River, 1962, 49,5х36, oil on cardboard<br/><span class='b-share' style='padding:1px 0px 1px 4px!important;'><a style='display:inline-block;' href='[title]=Krylov, Porfiry%20-%20Деревья над Скнижкой&p[summary]=&p[url]=[images][0]=' target='_blank' onclick='return !, 'Facebook', 'width=640,height=300')' ><span class='b-share-icon b-share-icon_facebook'></span></a></span><span id=ya_share0></span></div>

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Trees at Sknizhka River,
oil on cardboard,