«There exist many painterly manners. However, it is not the manner that matters, but the ability to see beauty» (Alexei Savrasov, the painter)

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3.05.2012 — 20.05.2012

"ROMANTICISTS IN REALISTIC ART" is a unique exhibition project which brings back into the rush of modern Russia a pure sense of the Russian realistic way of painting – realistic romanticism, a national genre in the painting of the country having more than 100 years of history.

The works of romantic realism have clear qualities, characteristic of the Russian worldview: emotionality and responsiveness, openness and receptivity, love for the native land and a desire for perfection.

 From 3 till 20 may 2012 the exhibition "ROMANTICISTS IN REALISTIC ART. MOSCOW PAINTERS" took place in the Exhibition Centre of Moscow Artists’ Union. The exposition consisted of more than 150 canvases of modern painters of romantic realism, owned by Art Prima Gallery and private collectors. The participants of the exhibition are well-known Moscow painters: Nikolai Borovskoi, Sergei Gavrilyachenko, Yuri Grishchenko, Nikolai Zheltushko, Nikolai Zaitsev, German Neznaikin, Igor Orlov, Yuri Orlov, Gennady Pasko, Nikolai Plastov, Valery Polotnov, Sergei Smirnov, Vyacheslav Stekolshchikov, Alexei Sukhovetsky, Vladimir Telin, Mlada Finogenova, Alexander Tsyplakov.

This artistic movement is known to have been started in Moscow by Alexei Savrasov’s students associated with Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The movement became full-fledged in the paintings of the Union of Russian Artists and, in the twentieth century, it saw its heyday in the work of Moscow’s school of painting. 

The stylystic and genre diversity, characteristic of the painting within this genre, doesn't divide, but instead unites romantic realism's wish to embody the beauty of the universe in colors. "There exist many painterly manners. However, it is not the manner that matters, but the ability to see beauty" (Alexei Savrasov, the painter).

 The paintings displayed at the exhibition are known to all and don't require a special commentary. Realistic in form and romantic in fact, it celebrates the beauty of the world and the lack of "practical" aims - social propaganda, criticisms or preaching. Their poetic qualities and musicality awaken in the viewer a noble sense of love for the homeland, his people, an interest towards his history and culture.

During the past five years as a part of the project "ROMANTICISTS OF REALISM" four group exhibitions have been realized (Moscow, 2007, St. Petersburg, 2009, Vologda, 2009, Nizhny Novogorod, 2010) and more than 23 solo exhibitions, which were visited by over 50 000 people. Numerous feedback from the audience says that the works of romantic realism are demanded today as never before and resonate with the hearts of people from different generations and nationalities.

On the Opening Ceremony a welcome speech was given by:

Chairman of the Moscow Artists’s Union Viktor Glukhov, chairman of the Russian Artists’s Union Andrey Kovalchuk, Chairman of the Duma Committee on Rules, regulations and procedures Alexander Krutov, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexander Rozhin, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Confederation of Artists’s Union Masut Makhmudovich Fatkulin.