«There exist many painterly manners. However, it is not the manner that matters, but the ability to see beauty» (Alexei Savrasov, the painter)

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Vladimir Telin’s paintings represent Russia at the eleventh World of the Artist salon
14.03.2008 — 23.03.2008

The Russian Artists’ Union have chosen to be represented at the eleventh international World of the Artist salon traditionally held in the Central House of Artists, Moscow by a solo exhibition of the outstanding Moscow’s painter Vladimir Telin, People’s Artists of Russia, associate of the Russian Academy of Arts, State Prize winner of the Russian Federation and Professor at the Surikov Art Institute.

Strange as it may seem, the work of Vladimir Telin, who has been bestowed with so many honourable titles, is only familiar to and highly appraised by a narrow circle of art connoisseurs and art collectors interested in the contemporary Russian realistic paintings. Being of the founding fathers of art association of Romanticists in Realistic Art – together with Nikita Fedosov, Vyacheslav Zabelin and Vladimir Shcherbakov – Telin devoted his amazingly beautiful, kind and truthful paintings to Russian common people’s traditional life.  

The exhibit includes over forty paintings produced by the master in the period from the 1970s until now. The pictures from the painter’s studio, as well as loaned from the Art Prima Gallery and some private collections offer a rare chance to enjoy truly realistic art.