«There exist many painterly manners. However, it is not the manner that matters, but the ability to see beauty» (Alexei Savrasov, the painter)

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Valery Strakhov||"The Russian North"
11.07.2008 — 31.08.2008

11 July to 31 August 2008 the Art Prima Gallery stages a new exhibit, one of the Romanticists in Realistic Art project.

It will be a solo exhibition of Valery Strakhov, Honorary Artist of Russia and member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Over fifty paintings from the Art Prima’s and Valery Strakhov’s own collection will feature the artist’s work for more than twenty-five years. They will be landscapes of the Russian North – Vologda, Totma, Ust-Pechenga and the Valaam Monastery.

Valery Strakhov’s paintings found an echo in the hearts of the Russian people. Thus, his solo exhibitions held both in Moscow Kremlin and in the Central House of Artists, the latter as part of Image of Homeland, appealed to the Russian public so much that his pictures could have won “an audience award” if such had existed. A clue to his amazing popularity may lie in the fact that his paintings are devoted to the Russian North which is thought to be the cradle and treasury of the national culture. 

Another reason may be found in his wonderful way of painting that, in an unthinkable fashion, makes the flat surface of a canvas live a remarkable throbbing life of its own. His landscapes shine from within, the extreme purity and transparency of the air creating an amazing depth of the surface. His paintings, really individual and inimitable in manner, can boast of another rare trait – high quality. Traditional in style, they avoid mindlessness of the latest-fashion trends and prove to be meaningful and timeless, as well as their major theme – love for Homeland.