«There exist many painterly manners. However, it is not the manner that matters, but the ability to see beauty» (Alexei Savrasov, the painter)

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20.06.2009 — 5.07.2009


20 OF JUNE 2009 – 5 OF JULY 2009

Exhibition Center of St.Petersburg Artists’ Union (address: 38, Bolshaya Morskaya)

Press conference will take place at Exhibition Center of St.Petersburg Artists’ Union on 19 of June at 3.00 p.m. Grand opening will take place on 20 of June, 2009 at 4.00 p.m.

«ROMANTICISTS IN REALISTIC ART» is a unique exhibition project that brings back into rush of modern Russia pure sense of Russian realistic way of panting – realistic romanticism. The main idea of the project is social – to protect and to develop the main traditions of Russian realistic school, support of the leading artists of our time and to educate viewers presenting the highest quality standards of Russian painting school.

The Exhibition will take place at Exhibition Center of St.Petersbhurg Artists’ Union from 20 of June till 5 of July. The exposition consists of more than 200 best canvases of the members of the art association that unites fifteen well-known Russian painters: Nikita FEDOSOVVyacheslav ZABELINVladimir SHCHERBAKOV, Alexei ZHABSKYVladimir TELINMikhail ABAKUMOVSergei GAVRILYACHENKOYuri GRICHENKONikolai ZAITSEVIgor ORLOV, Gennady PASKOValery POLOTNOVValery STRAKHOVAlexei SUKHOVETSKY and Aleksander TSYPLAKOV. Paintings of these artists can be found in The State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Russian Museum and many others State Fine Art Museums and Galleries of Russian Federation.

«ROMANTICISTS IN REALISTIC ART» is the collection of outstanding high quality paintings with no analogs by it’s completeness and artistic significance and by that meaning it can work as a platform for the museum of Russian realistic art for the period of late XX – early XXI century.

The viewers will have a rare chance to familiarize themselves with the work of the contemporary “romanticists” working in realistic manner. This artistic movement is known to have been started in Moscow by Alexei Savrasov’s students associated with Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The paintings displayed at the exhibition definitely have a romantic intonation: they are truly emotional expressing some poetic disposition, somewhat musical quality, joy of life and lofty patriotic sentiments. Realistic in painterly manner and romantic in meaning, the paintings in question celebrate the beauty of this world and are absolutely devoid of any “practical considerations”: social reasons, criticism or moralizing. So it is not strange that, because of the purity of its principles, the Soviet history of art ignored Romantic Realism ideologically. The early twentieth century buried the ideas of Critical Realism as well as the ideas of Socialist Realism died under the debris of another outlived ideology at the end of the twentieth century. Only Romantic Realism remains alive at the beginning of the twenty-first century, manifesting the victory of the unique Russian realistic tradition in art, which is so much appreciated all over the world.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by presentation of DVD “Romanticists in Realistic Art”, a special documental film with artists’ interviews.

History of the project

The first exhibition «ROMANTICISTS IN REALISTIC ART» took place in Central House of Artists (Moscow) from 21 of December, 2007 till 6 of January, 2008 and had a great success. More then 15 000 people had attended the exhibition. Within the project the Art Prima gallery organized a series of non commercial personal and thematic exhibitions of members of the group “Romanticists in Realistic Art” from January 2008 till March 2009 with more then 5000 people attended and published the album “Romanticists in Realistic Art” (Moscow: Scanrus, 2007 – 225 p.)

Numerous positive remarks reflected that the Exhibition was well received by the public and have a high level of social and cultural significance. Based on that the decision was taken to bring the Exhibition to the main Russian cities – after Saint-Petersburg it will take place in The State Vologda Fine Art Gallery (July 13 – September 6).

Our contacts: Art Prima Gallery, director Anastasia Tsyplakova, Тел:+7 985 922 78 04, artprima@yandex.ru, www.artprima.ru