Sokolov-Skalya, Pavel
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People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1956).
Member of the Academy of Arts (USSR, 1949)
Chairman of the Bytie Association (1920) 
Member of the Association of Artists of the Revolutionary Russia (1926)
Member of the Russian Association of Proletarian Artists (1931-1932).
Awarded State prize of the USSR (1942, 1947, 1949)

1914–1918 – a student in Ilya Mashkov’s studio
1927 – made studies at VHUTEMAS, easel painting and monumental department

Sokolov-Skalya was also a teacher:
1922–1930 – at the Central art courses of the Association of Artists of  Revolutionary Russia and other art schools,
1932–1941 – at the Mitrofan Grekov studio of war painters at the Moscow Art Institute

Pavel Sokolov-Skalya paintings can be found in 
• Russian Museum (St. Petersburg)
• Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
• State Historical Museum (Moscow)
• Museum of Russian Art (Bloomington, Minnesota, USA)
• some private collections.

Sokolov-Skalya, Pavel<br/>1899-1961<div class=infogen>Standing Nude, 1930, 88,5х66, oil on canvas<br/><span class='b-share' style='padding:1px 0px 1px 4px!important;'><a style='display:inline-block;' href='[title]=Sokolov-Skalya, Pavel%20-%20Стоящая обнаженная&p[summary]=&p[url]=[images][0]=' target='_blank' onclick='return !, 'Facebook', 'width=640,height=300')' ><span class='b-share-icon b-share-icon_facebook'></span></a></span><span id=ya_share0></span></div>

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Standing Nude,
oil on canvas,