Shcherbakov, Boris
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People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1986) 
Member of the USSR Academy of Arts (1973)
Member of the USSR Artists’ Union 
Awarded the Stalin Prize (1951–1953)

1933–1939 – made studies at the Academy of Arts where his teachers were Isaak Brodsky, Vladimir Yakovlev and Pyotr Shukhmin

His paintings can be found in 
• Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
• Russian Museum (St. Petersburg)
• other Russian regional museums and museums of the former USSR
• collection of the White House and the US Congress (Washington, USA)
• collection of the UK Royal family.



Boris Shcherbakov started to participate in art exhibitions in 1939.

Shcherbakov, Boris<br/>1916-1995<div class=infogen> Still-life, 1953, 69х90, oil on canvas<br/><span class='b-share' style='padding:1px 0px 1px 4px!important;'><a style='display:inline-block;' href='[title]=Shcherbakov, Boris%20-%20Натюрморт&p[summary]=&p[url]=[images][0]=' target='_blank' onclick='return !, 'Facebook', 'width=640,height=300')' ><span class='b-share-icon b-share-icon_facebook'></span></a></span><span id=ya_share0></span></div>

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